Do you know that feeling when you finish a good book/game/movie and are just completely stunned, unable to think of anything else than 'wow, that was awesome'? That's what I try to collect here.
Everything on this list is - in my opinion - not just good but amazing.


The Circle - Dave Eggers
An absolutely beautiful book about future social media between utopia and dystopia. Made me think & left me stunned.

Makers - Cory Doctorow
A great depiction of maker and hacker culture in the not so far future by one of my favorite authors - awesome.

The Princess Bride - William Goldman
Probably the biggest possible contrast to my usual reading matter. A beautifully written, absurd fairytale full of love, action and despair.

Nineteen Eighty-Four - George Orwell
An incredibly important book with great, relatable characters and a surprisingly modern setting that made me question everything.

Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami
A strange book in every sense of the word - sometimes dreamlike, sometimes lucid, but always beautifully written and full of hidden meaning.


A Dark Room
An extremely minimalistic game about exploration, incredibly atmospheric and immersive with beautiful storytelling. Don't quit at the beginning - just keep playing and you'll see.

Portal 2
Mind-twisting puzzler with great gameplay, graphics, really amazing storytelling and a beautiful, unexpected ending.

Papers Please
A fascinating game set in a dystopian country. An incredibly immersive experience with a great story despite of the simple, repetitive gameplay.

A beautiful little RPG. Not the most original story or gameplay, but an awesome retro experience with just the right difficulty.


Ex Machina
A great movie about artificial intelligence with lots of twists & turns, stunning cinematography and a beautiful setting. Played with my emotions and left me thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Cloud Atlas
A georgeous movie consisting of interwoven stories that would be great even on their own. Some things might be left unclear, but that's a part of the experience.

(The original 2003 version) It's dark, it's gritty, and it's great. Quite brutal at times, but with a really amazing, twisty storyline.

Raise the Red Lantern
By far the oldest movie on the list, but still somehow enchanting to watch - with remarkable use of color and framing.

Spirited Away
Sure, it's a classic. But that doesn't take any of its beauty away - a beautifully animated movie that really gets how to create an enchanting, surreal dreamworld of its own and still feels very meaningful.

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl
A fast paced, refreshingly absurd night in Kyoto with a narrative that goes all over the place but still manages to tie all strings together in the end.