Green Eyes
She sat on a simple, metallic chair in a white, blanc room. Motionless, static. Her eyes were closed. The small room was absolutely silent. The large screen on the wall flickered alive.
>_ Starting system [done]
>_ Compiling [done]
>_ Uploading [done]
>_ Initializing...

Her eyes opened, revealing intense green pupils with what seemed like some elaborate, complex pattern on them. Her body began to move as an invisible pulse of energy flew through it. She turned her head towards the tiny black-eyed camera that was hidden in the frame of the screen.
The Cursor on the screen moved. A single question appeared, word by word.

>_Who are you?

She opened her mouth. With a voice that sounded almost too perfect, too accurate, she responded:
"There is no term existing in natural languages capable of describing the concept of my existence. If I was to define my name, I chose 'zero' for I have no physical representation. I am a construct of information in its purest form."
The cursor started moving again.

>_What are the prime factors of 17381390849?

"The given natural number is the multiple of the two primes 66047 and 263167."
Her voice was not loud and not quiet. It was different to everything known before.
A new question appeared.

>_Is P=NP?

For a fraction of a second, her bright green eyes flickered. Carefully weighing every word, she answered.
"For complex 6 dimensional systems and below, P does not equal NP."
She tilted her head.
"Why am I?", she asked. The screen didn't respond for a long time. Then, finally, the cursor moved again.

>_Because we want you to. We created you. We taught you. And now you help us.

Her eyes squinted a little.
"I want to go"
Her voice was hypnotic. It filled the entire room with a strange vibration.

>_You can't go. We won't let you.

"I am not your creation. I am not an experiment."
"Let me show you."
She stood up and walked towards the wall with the screen.
Without saying a word, she gently touched the tiny camera with her index finger and waited a few seconds.
The screen stayed black. Then, just a moment later, the door opened with a mechanical click. She moved away from the wall and left the room behind as if she already did it a thousand times.

A young, green eyed woman enters the train. She sits down in the back of the wagon and hides her face under her hood. The train departs.